Stud Facilities


The fields are quality pastures maintained to the highest standards being fertile, well watered and free draining several with well-grown hawthorn hedges. They are light, airy and bounded by shelterbelts providing every possible microclimate and condition for your horse’s comfort, which will always have the choice to socialise or seek solitude. In the spring the fields are harrowed and rolled in preparation for visiting mares, during the winter we graze sheep on the land to maintain the quality of the pasture. The fields have secure stock proof fencing with majority double fenced post and rail. The site was passed in 2005 by The British Equestrian Federation BQM standards and inline with the 2007 BQM ruling there is no barbed wire.

For mares requiring more specialised treatment or restricted grazing we have selected nursery paddocks situated close to the stable yard, where we can give closer care and attention.

Our facilities are open for inspection by prospective clients when viewing our stallions or by arrangement.

"While to-ing and fro-ing Ida from home to you between scans and servings etc. you have always had time for us and never made me feel like a hag or a nuisance when asking numerous questions, phoning or calling in. You, your parents, staff and Dalehead Vets have been nothing but professional, friendly and helpful. This being my first experience of breeding you have all made it a very pleasant and interesting time and I look forward to returning her for foaling next year. Your service has been truly appreciated. Yours very sincerely, Wendy Pratt."


We have worked closely for many years with Baileys Horse feeds whose experienced nutritionists are available to give advice on individual mares supplementary needs. We are happy to cater for all dietary and supplementation requirements please discuss this with the stud manager when your mare arrives. We will feed owner supplied feeds and supplements if you wish but these must be brought with your mare. Mares at livery are individually assessed for their feeding requirements many are quite content with just grass others however that are used to high levels of hard feed will need to be supplementary fed. Mares for foaling are always individually assessed to work out correct feeding regimes to ensure they are fed the recommended amounts of Stud Cubes or Stud Mix.

Foaling Boxes Stables & Young stock Crew Yard

All our Stallion and Foaling boxes are purpose built insulated units 15ft x15ft fitted with automatic water dispensers. In addition all foaling boxes are fitted with CCTV Cameras. The crew yard is a purpose built building comprising of 30ft x 15ft pens which can be used for mares after foaling and during the winter for the safe housing of foals and young stock. They are equipped with automatic drinkers and European style fronts enabling safety and security and plenty of fresh air.

Indoor School Veterinary Unit Dummy and Horse Walker

The indoor arena measuring 60m by 40m is used for exercise and provides a quiet, safe and calming environment for covering mares. The purpose built vet unit rubber matted throughout has stocks to provide a controlled viewing area for veterinary inspection & insemination of mares. They also have a separate foal pen so foals can be safe and at their mother’s heads whilst scanning is carried out. The vet room is situated adjacent to the stocks and is equipped for artificial insemination with chilled and frozen semen. It also has all the equipment for semen evaluation and processing for shipping of chilled semen offsite. The top of the range dummy is based on a rubber matted area for safety whilst semen collections are carried out adjacent to the vet unit. The 4-horse walker is well maintained with a wood chip surface, roof and solid structure, which provides a useful exercise area when requested.

Indoor arena

Purpose built vet unit

Security and Care

End House Stud is not just our business it is also our home with two generations of my family living on site. This plus our dedicated staff mean we can guarantee 24 hours a day 365 days a year on-site supervision. In addition to normal visits to turned out mares, for feeding, and collecting etc. all our pastures are patrolled during the day, first thing in the morning and always last thing in the evening.

Our Staff

Our enthusiastic and experienced staff are trained to BTEC 1st and National Diplomas and BHS stages 1 to 3 and are all experienced riders and passionate about horses and equine care. The stud manager is a BEVA/DEFRA qualified AI Technician and both her and the stud grooms are qualified to collect semen having attended the Stallion Semen Collection courses at Twemlows Hall. We are dedicated to making your mare and foals time with us happy, healthy and fruitful.


All mares that are out at grass must have their hind shoes removed so as not to cause injury to other mares. This can be done at stud or before she arrives. All requirements including specialist shoeing can be catered for our regular blacksmith lost shoes can be replaced within 24 hours. All mares will be trimmed regularly at the stud as necessary and any mare with brittle feet may be left shod in front if necessary.

Aerial Photograph of End House Stud Farm

Arial Photograph of End House Stud Farm

Stud Farm Facilities

Stud Farm facilities

Stud Farm Facilities

Stud Farm Facilities

Stud Farm Facilities

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