End House Stud AI Centre

Recent years have seen an increase in demand for AI services using fresh, chilled and frozen semen. With this is mind we expanded our AI services at End House Stud as we envisage an increase in the use of AI semen obtained both nationally and internationally. Five Veterinary Surgeons within the practice have AI experience enabling us to give expert cover 7 days a week.

Our handling facilities at End House have been approved by the British Equine Veterinary Association, and mares are handled and teased by the experienced End House Stud staff. Fresh semen can be collected from End House Stud Stallions and inseminated immediately. Alternatively we can source semen for clients who wish to use stallions based worldwide.

Frozen semen can be transported to End House Stud and stored in our liquid Nitrogen flask.

We offer stud packages, which include all visits, inseminations and ultrasound scans required. Investigation of chronic infertility treatments and sedations are not included in the packages.

Mares for AI with semen from non resident stallion
End House Stud cannot be held responsible for quality, delay or non availability of semen from its source. All costs of semen flights, couriers and Equitaners are the responsibility of the Mare owner, there will be a charge of £40 per cycle administration fee for the arrangement of semen delivery, liasing with stud managers and couriers and out of hours scanning etc.

Mares that need to be scanned at 6 hourly intervals or are bad to catch during the time leading up to insemination will be stabled and the owner charged accordingly

Veterinary input in Artificial Insemination

The veterinary input to AI is greater than with natural service due to the requirement for accurately predicting and regulating the time of ovulation. This is less important with fresh semen but vital with frozen semen. This is due to the short survival time of frozen semen once thawed and inseminated. Also with frozen semen special drugs are used to regulate the ovulation time and mares are required to be scanned more frequently. Our expertise and experience allow us to remove the stress and worry for mare owners who otherwise would have to arrange semen delivery, to be present for the many veterinary visits. By using our dedicated centre we can offer a package which gives your mare the best chance to get in foal as soon as possible. Five veterinary surgeons within the practice are highly experienced in artificial insemination, enabling us to give expert cover seven days a week.

Fresh semen artificial insemination may be of benefit in a sub-fertile mare i.e. a mare that produces a lot of uterine fluid after natural covering. However with frozen semen artificial insemination should only be attempted in mares of optimal breeding age and health.

North West Equine Vets Ltd are able to offer a full breeding service for visiting mares. The handling facilities are approved by the British Equine Veterinary Association.

  • Five veterinary surgeons with AI experience
  • Excellent facilities includes stocks and rubber matted walk way
  • Experienced staff to handle mares
  • AI with fresh, chilled and frozen semen
  • Three ultrasound scanners
  • Liquid nitrogen storage of frozen semen
  • Rubber matted semen collection area and dummy mare

Vet Packages 2023 (including VAT)

Download Veterinary Package form, prices and Terms and Conditions (pdf)

Vet Pack Payment

All cheques to be made payable to "North West Equine Vets Ltd" and are payable on mares arrival at stud.

Payment by Credit or Debit Card please telephone 0808 168 5580.


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